Wedding Photographer Dorset Hamsphire UK

Wedding Photographer Dorset Hampshire UK

Hi, my name is Kasia!

I am a daughter, sister, fiance, friend. I am a volunteer, traveller, runner and animal lover!

I am a photographer! I am a lover of life! Really! When it comes to photography, that’s it! I love life! And I want to capture life in it’s purest form. The big, life changing moments. And the small, every day moments. I think it’s all beautiful!

In order to capture all the moments and everything in between them, as well as to express beautiful and timeless story, I shoot in photojournalistic and editorial style, which I hope feels as organic to you as it feels to me. I love taking photos in the natural light and lovely scenery!

Weddings truly are a celebration of life and I love to be a part of them! The day you have spent so much time preparing for, dreaming of and investing in will go by so quickly and that is one of the great reasons to invest in a wedding photographer who can tell the unique story of your day.

” Wedding Photographer Dorset “

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love! I meet quite a few people from all different walks of life and this is what makes my work so interesting! I meet and get to know couples at a very important time of their lives and each story I hear is completely amazing. The stories about how you met, how you fell in love and realised – this is the one. Your children will look through your wedding album to learn about the history of your love. Your grandchildren will do the same and that’s why stories are so important to tell… And this is what I love… telling stories. With my photographs…

My unique style of wedding photography takes a photojournalistic approach, allowing moments to happen naturally and mostly capturing them without intrusion.

” Wedding Photographer Dorset “

I believe my work is more then documentary, I believe my style has a natural feel but with an artistic, flattering touch. Your wedding is so much more then smiles and tears, I strive to capture details, colours and the overall feeling of the day.

My approach to fine art photography is not about snapping away to make a full documentary of your wedding day. It’s about creating a collection of photographs full of style and emotions, that work together…

If you wish to see my recent work, please click HERE

Wedding Photographer Dorset Hampshire UK